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AALC's service is only as strong as the people providing it. What makes teaching in Thailand with AALC such a positive experience are the motivated clients, supportive staff and enthusiastic instructors.


Why are all these different people teaching in Thailand with AALC? The short answer: motivated students and the freedom to do just what they came to Thailand for in the first place!



Teaching Job providing in Thailand

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English Conversation Lessons

AALC's promise to clients is customized lessons with the assurance that they will achieve their English language goals. Instructors provide the core service, but Thais and non-Thais staff support them by offering advice, guidance, and plain, old-fashioned encouragement.

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Whether you are new to teaching English in Thailand or a veteran instructor, AALC's methodology, proprietary teaching materials, and commitment to providing customized lessons all take some getting used to. Comprehensive certification is offered to ensure that all new instructors have a chance to reach their full potential. In addition, opportunities for further development are available through a variety of ongoing certification.

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Language Camp

Our Language camps are especially designed to offer fun, interactive, and educational activities for students. Learning English is the primary focus of every camp. Every student will have the opportunity to practice speaking English with foreign counselors.

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