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About AALC

AA Language Center (AALC) is a Thai limited company registered in Thailand which was founded in 2009. We are predominantly an international English teacher recruitment agency. We specialize in finding English jobs and English teachers. We provide our services to schools located throughout Thailand. We are always looking for candidates from countries whose native language is English and provide them with English jobs.

Such as: Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and England


We are committed in our search and selection process to offer our schools the highest quality of English professionals, which will add value and improve the level of learning to all Thai students.

As a result, our schools, English teachers and students will benefit from our professional approach to the recruitment of the best English teachers available.

AA Language Center (AALC) is committed to be the most professional English teacher recruitment agency and TEFL course in Thailand.

The purpose of AALC is to provide an English teaching recruitment, TEFL courses and selection service that surpass all other agencies. We do that through understanding our schools requirements; students needs, and support our English teacher during their employment.

Our service is not only to fulfill English teaching positions, but to advise our English teachers to meet our schools expectations throughout their employment. We offer this service of excellence through schools reviews, and ongoing support for all English teachers to allow them to perform to the highest level and ensure that the students achieve the very best a native speaking teacher can provide. With this in mind and our drive is for excellence in education.
AA Language Center (AALC) has been looking into problems with English proficiency of Thai learners and directions of English teaching in Thailand. In researches done by Thai Universities, it was found that English proficiency was very poor compared to other Asian countries in which Thailand was last out of all Asian countries.
One study done by Chulalongkorn University which compared test results of Thai to other Asian countries found that the majority of Thai students could not meet the standard of required to study at the graduate level at Chulalongkorn University. This calls for an urgent need to enhance the English proficiency of Thai students at various levels. Components of English syllabus, namely course goals and objectives, materials tasks and activities, testing and evaluation as well as the roles of teachers and students have to be reconsidered. Directions and ways to help Thai students acquire the target language and prepare them to be qualified world citizens in the era of globalization.

AA Language Center (AALC) offers our teachers a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally while gaining valuable teaching and international business skills.


Some of our customers
Anuban Ratchaburi School


BanBueng Municipality


TabKwang Municipality


King's College


Patumwilai School


BangMueng Municipality


Tongchai Wittaya School


WatSangsun School


ฺฺEngineer Battalion

Thai Army

Our Mission

AALC dreams and goals


1. to give the children of Thailand and other parts of Asia a better chance at furthering there spoken English language to give them a chance at getting better work and education overseas

2. to find and assist the best English language teachers from around the world who truly have a love for children and teaching

3. to train and give native English speakers in TEFL from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UK, and the USA the chance to train and learn how to teach English language and the chance to travel and work in Thailand and around the world in non-english speaking countries

Business Chance

I am asking anyone from South Africa if you recruit or advertise to contact me as we in AALC are looking for South African to train in TEFL and find English teaching jobs for if you can help please send me message here or email so we can talk and come to a business agreement need to find around 6 people a month who want to come to Thailand from South Africa to do a TEFL course and teach here in Thailand...

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